Caroline Hartley Photography

What my clients have to say

“Caroline Hartley Photography combines passion, patience, professionalism and a love of animals to capture precious moments in photos you will love. I was delighted by my experience with the team and their fantastic work. I recommend Caroline Hartley Photography for every pet photo shoot.”

Skyler Adelson

“Wow, my partner and I could not have asked for a better experience with Caroline Hartley Photography. The team was calm, friendly, patient and has a clear passion for animals. They captured the personality of our horse perfectly. We had a great time and are very happy with the quality of the photos.”

Robbie White

“We were super impressed with Caroline Hartley Photography throughout the entire shoot. The whole team was so patient during the session with our two dogs, who did not want to take a picture together. Caroline Hartley Photography really knows how to get dogs to react in order to get the best picture possible. The presentation of the proofs was done so well, I loved every single shot.”

Avery Smith
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